Izumi Aikido

Izumi is the japanese term for "spring", or "source". Children have a pure and strong source of energy and feelings. They can express them quite directly and honest. Growing older this source can fade.

Izumi Aikido would like to support adults and young people to keep their Izumi flowing.





children want to move, have adventures and make friends. Aikido can offer these things in a respectful and joyous way through games and exercises. Aikido as a peaceful martial art defines a very balanced training for body and mind. Flexibility, strengh and stanima are being trained through working with the partner's energy, not against it. Through the regluar practice children grow stronger and become more effective in their techniques. As well as receiving more and more dynamic techniques their confidence grows, too.



Ana Purwa (1. Dan) started with Aikido in 2011. Moving to Berlin after acting school she started to assist several teachers in Aikido classes in 2016. Since 2018 Ana teaches her own Aikido classes in different Aikido schools. She is experienced in teaching kids from 3 to 12 years and since 2018 she is a licensed trainer for Popular Sports for children and seniors.


Nikolai Rauer (1. Kyu) assistant trainer